6 green plants that are impossible to kill

I’ve recently visited the Azores, the Portuguese archipelago on the Atlantic Ocean. They’re known as the Green Islands, but the omnipresence of green and the variety of shades exceeded my expectations (I’d say it’s the Hawai’i of Europe). I immediately felt the urge to bring at least a trace of this green paradise to my home.

I do have prior experience in trying to recreate a “jungle” at home. Unfortunately, it ended with a failure: a slow and painful death of pretty much every species I had delivered or brought back home from the supermarket. I learned that most green plants are rather demanding and require an environment tailored to their needs, like the perfect amount of light, stable temperature and shelter from wind (but I need to open the windows sometimes!).

Luckily, there are some strong and less-demanding greens, and I’m not talking about cactus plants. I already have some of them at home, and will definitely get more this weekend. Apart from the fact that they will do a great job of cleaning the air in your house, they also look beautiful and add calm to any space. Have you noticed that they are also very trendy these days? Tell us which one is your favourite!


  1. Jade

This fleshy plant never ceases to amaze me. I think I once managed to kill a cactus, but the jade plant is virtually impossible to kill. It can go without water for days! The great thing about it is that it’s very easy to propagate by placing leaves in a cup of water until they start to grow roots. You can place them directly in soil for that same effect.


  1. Fern

This plant will forever make me think of my high school friend, whose parents kept it in their living room. Over twenty years later he took over the house and changed it completely. The only thing that remained was the fern, only it had quadrupled in size.


  1. Snake plant

This impressive succulent is also known as ribbon plant or mother-in-law’s tongue (wonder where that came from!). Unlike some family members, it won’t mind when you leave for a long vacation without showing up for a few weeks. When you come back, water it generously.


  1. Pothos

The heart-shaped leaves of this plant make a dashing decoration. Grows best when hung. Allow it some space as it grows rather quickly.


  1. Rubber plant

This strong plant has big, gorgeously-waxed leaves that will darken if you keep it exposed to sun. This plant comes from Asia and can grow up to 100 feet. Only water it when the soil actually dries out and it will grow happily for years.


  1. Diffenbachia

It’s one of my favorite plants, even though it’s poisonous! Avoid direct contact with skin. Diffenbachia doesn’t like direct sunlight, so it will grow steadily even in darker areas of your house.

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