9 vibrant flowers that will boost positive energy in any interior

Of all the colours, yellow is most noticeable to the human eye, which makes it the most attention-grabbing. It’s a gorgeous colour that emanates warmth, happiness and vitality. Filling your surroundings with this lively hue can not only brighten up the interior but also make a positive impact on your mood.


As the most attention-grabbing color, yellow can be used to draw attention to a specific part of a room; maybe your favorite spot where you keep all your travel souvenirs? It’s also a good way to make visible a particular space that would otherwise go unnoticed. Yellow blooms can also subtly attract your guests to that snacks table that is usually neglected.

It’s good to keep yellow flowers in your home or office, and not just because they make beautiful, attention-grabbing decorations. Psychologically speaking, bright yellow can help improve your mental activity, increase awareness and boost energy levels. It definitely is one of the most inspiring colors, so it may help you become more creative at work, although you may not notice that directly.

Yellow flowers are most commonly associated with friendship. If you want to send flowers as a gift to a friend for their birthday (or any other occasion), yellow will always be your best choice. A touch of warm, sunny color and positivity is a timeless present for anyone and will definitely be well-remembered for a long time.

We’ve picked some of our favorite yellow flowers to inspire you in your decorative endeavors, to buy, grow at home or pick from your nearest meadow.


1. Craspedia

How gorgeous are these unique, round flowers? Craspedias blooms form balls that can grow up to the size of a tennis ball. Recommended for all lovers of minimalism and simplicity.


2. Daffodil

We just cannot get enough of the spring feeling that these wonderful flowers emanate! Daffodils, a.k.a. jonquils are our staple office decor element. We love that each flower brings not one, but two types of yellow.


3. Yellow rose

Classic, floral beauty with a twist! Not typically used for romantic pursuits, yellow roses instead reassure your best friend of the strength of your bond.



4. Goldenrod

Goldenrods are gorgeous wildflowers that originate from North America. The states of Kentucky, Nebraska and South Carolina actually chose them as their state flower. Available at meadows near you.  



5. Marigold

I always think of these flowers as little sunrays caught by in flower form. This plant is actually full of lutein, a substance used in various eye treatments. Such eye candy!


6. Tulip

Tulips were once considered a symbol of jealousy, but modern interpretations associate the flower with hope and positive thoughts. Good to have them on your office desk on those rather tough days.



7. Black Eyed Susan

Another North American native flower. We always feel playful when we look at the gorgeous Black Eyed Susan flowers. Don’t you?


8. Sunflower

We cannot think of a more positive accent on a rainy day (sunny days too, in fact!) than sunflowers. Instant brightening up of rooms and moods guaranteed.



9. Daisies

Daisies are such a delight to the eye! They’re easy to grow in the garden and also durable when you keep them at home. Freshly cut, they’ll last over a week.



Do you like to decorate your home with flowers? Share some photos in comments.

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