June 29 - 4th of July, together.

I’ve always associated Independence Day with the most wonderful time spent at home (my parents’ home, to be precise). My Mom and Dad have made it a family tradition that on the 4th of July they open the door of their house to both the close and the extended family, as well as friends and neighbors. They treat it so seriously that several years ago they even started distributing printed invitations! We sometimes spent the day with 80 people.

When I was in school, they would ask me and my brother to invite our best friends and their parents to come over on Independence Day. They invited friends of friends, too. The house was sometimes literally packed with happy good people. I think it was their way of teaching us that the best way to celebrate Independence Day is by sharing it with others.

I’m really grateful for that lesson. Of course I know 4th of July, 1776 is when we became independent, marking a definitive turn in history. I think that moment was so special in our history that celebrating the day as a community, together, is the best way to pay our respect to those who made it happen. This way leaves you with so many loving memories :)

We would have the most wonderful barbecues - the kinds that bring everyone together - where there is a little something for everyone and everything is just so delicious. Food. Fireworks. Music. My little brother actually played concerts with his school garage bands when he was into it. There was lots of indulging, talking and games but mainly just sharing and bonding. Family, friends, love.

It was my aunt Rebecca who first brought white, blue and red flowers. I have no idea what they were, but they smelled just so lovely. She also brought a wire and she made a dozen flower crowns. All the guests loved it so much that we continued with this tradition and now make the flower crowns every year. And each year, they make the most gorgeous photographs. I think we all love how it became customary for Independence Day spent at my parents’ house.

I know that I will continue with this little custom when my Mom and Pop finally let me run the family 4th of July BBQ at my place. I’ll tell you that tulips are excellent flower crown material!

Do you have your special ways of celebrating Independence Day? Share your story with us below in comments.  

If you want to learn how to make flower crowns, visit our blog next week.


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