My flower crown is better than yours!

I attended a wedding recently that took place at a lovely, folk-style venue. The celebration seemed to be fairly conventional, until the moment when the bride arrived at the main reception hall on her white horse.

It wasn’t just the horse that made me remember that evening so vividly. Of course, the bride looked stunning in her corset dress, which accentuated everything it should have, but there was another thing that stole the show: the hostess who made flower crowns.

She had this fantastic wooden cart filled with flowers and she got all the attention the minute she appeared. Every little girl, girlfriend, mother, auntie, and grandma queued up to get one the minute she was done with her first flower crown.

You can’t imagine the amount of tears shed when the flowers actually ran out. “But flower crowns aren’t anything extraordinary anymore,” you may say. I totally agree. But there is a reason all the ladies loved them: they are totally awesome, beautiful and tasteful.

Flower crowns make other people look in awe, even when they look at the photos later.

I was hypnotized by the flower crowns prepared by the hostess because they were different than what I have seen before. Follow these tips to maximize the wow factor of your flower crowns:

  1. Don’t stick to wildflowers only.

Tulips may become your next best flower crown friend, if you give them a try! I had my flower crown made of red tulips and it was an absolute hit; not just for me, but for all those people who wanted to try it on!

  1. Don’t be shy on the size

I was surprised to see irises used in flower crowns; very positively surprised. Roses, too (mind the thorns!). You could try any kind of larger bloom if you feel comfortable making the more traditional flower crowns. All you need is a soft wire to hold them together.

  1. Add some green leaves

It’s what gives this delightful contrast and brings out the stunning colors of your blooms. If the leaves are long, fold them.

  1. Fix it all with hair spray

I know it’s not how you’d normally treat our beloved Mother Nature, but sometimes the occasion demands a bit of glamour. In the end, we’re handling perishable beauty, and hairspray will make that beauty dazzle.  

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