Proven tricks to keep cut flowers fresh for longer

Who doesn’t like to keep fresh flowers at home? I certainly do! Receiving an arrangement of beautiful, gorgeously-smelling blooms always makes me feel special. In the end, it’s a piece of nature at its finest.

It’s a pity that freshly-cut flowers are temporary; I sometimes wish I could keep them forever to remind me of a special moment, or maintain that unique atmosphere they add to my living room. But maybe it wouldn’t be special anymore if I could do that?

The multitude of lists available online that advise what to do to keep flowers longer convinces me that I’m not alone in wanting to have flowers around as long as possible. I was quite appalled when I read some of them though (no, adding a shot of vodka to your vase just won’t do the trick; trust me on this one).

That’s why I decided to share the tips and tricks that my grandma has tried and tested, and then passed on to my Mom, who shared them with me. Try them all at once and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Trim those stems

This is the most basic thing you can do with fresh blooms, which is probably why it’s so often overlooked. Extra hint: cut across the stalks AND lengthwise, giving the flowers extra absorption. It makes a big difference. Also, I found that trimming the stems several times (say once every two days) also prolongs vitality.

  1. Replace water at least once every two days

You certainly want to avoid getting the water cloudy; that’s when it becomes full of bacteria, which makes the floral tissue decompose faster and prevents water absorption. Absorption is also the reason why regular trimming of stems is helpful.

  1. Add soda to the vase

A quarter of a cup will be enough for one medium-size bouquet. It’s the sugar from soda that essentially keeps the flowers alive for longer, but the carbon dioxide must be helpful as well. Several times I added sugar only, and although it also kept flowers fresh for longer, soda worked much better.

  1. Put flowers in the fridge overnight

I know you may not have space in the fridge (or you simply received an extra large bouquet!) so it may be difficult to do this. If, by chance, you get a smaller bouquet, do place it in the fridge before going to bed. The results will surely surprise you!

Do you have any other tricks which might be helpful in keeping flowers fresh for longer? We’d love to hear about them. Share them with us on our Facebook channel.


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