Pet lover with a green thumb? Top tips to keep your pet plant safe.

Let’s make one thing clear: we love flowers and plants as much as we love cats and dogs. It’s because of that unconditional love, that we’ve prepared this blog post: your number one go-to list for garden flowers that may be harmful to your pets.

We don’t want to discourage you from obtaining plants, but rather to bring to your attention the flowers that should be planted in an enclosed shed or other places inaccessible to your four-legged friends. This list will help protect them from unnecessary suffering.

We’d like to assure you that no pets were harmed in preparation of this post. No live tests were performed; our office pup Bingo is still wagging it’s cute little tail as I’m writing this. We’re acting precariously, because we studied the list prepared by the Humane Society of the United States in detail and extracted a list of hazards that may already be lurking in your backyard.

But enough with the jokes; it ain’t no laughing matter. Keep the following plants in a pet-proof environment and you’ll all live happily ever after.


The roots, foliage and seeds of aconite

Leaves of arrowgrass

Entire plant of atropa belladonna

Autumn crocus

Pods of the bird-of-paradise


Black locust tree

Box shrubs

Sprouts, nuts and seeds of the buckeye tree


Flowers and leaves of Carolina jessamine

Rootstock and leaves of christmas rose

Bulbs of the daffodils

Bark, berries and leaves of of a daphne

The entirety of the lily is poisonous to cats

Roots and foliage of Dutchman breeches

Leaves and berries of English ivy

Leaves of foxglove

Leaves and roots of irises

Seeds, pods and flowers of laburnum

Leaves of laurels

Seeds and pods of lupines

The entire lily of the valley is poisonous to cats

Bulbs of narcissus

Leaves of nicotiana

Roots, seeds and berries of pokeweed

Leaves, stem and fruit of poison hemlock

Shoots and sprouts of a potato

Shoots and sprouts of rhubarb

Leaves of rhododendron

Sago palms

Leaves of sorghum grass

Leaves of velvet grass

Pods and seeds of wisteria

Yellow jessamine

Yellow oleander

Bark, leaves and seeds of yews

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