The flowers and Products shown online are representative of color scheme, look and feel, overall style, and value rather than a literal interpretation of the delivery. Specific containers and/or flowers will vary in some cases due to designer interpretation, availability, or need to meet our quality standards. While substitutions may be necessary, a great effort will be made to keep the same look and feel of the arrangement, using flowers and products of greater or equal value. Minor substitutions may be made without prior consent or approval from the Customer. Some examples of minor substitutions include:

  1. In a single-type flower arrangement, such as an all tulip or all rose arrangement, we will make every attempt to include only the same flower color(s), but we may have to substitute with another color of the same flower.
  2. In mixed arrangements, we will do our best to adhere to the color scheme and may substitute individual flowers with a similar one of equal or greater value.
  3. In dish-gardens, blooming plants may be substituted with another type of a blooming plant, while green plants may be substituted with another type of a green plant.
  4. In the case of fruit or gourmet gift baskets, please keep in mind that many fruits and other products are seasonal in nature and we will only utilize the freshest available produce and gourmet items. As a result, the components to create your fruit or gourmet basket may vary based on market availability.
  5. Substitution of some keepsake items will be made only with another novelty keepsake item of the same nature, theme, or occasion.
Non-Conforming Merchandise and Damaged Merchandise Policy 
In the event it is necessary for Avas Flowers to substitute Non-Conforming Products (products that differ in color or overall style or value) for the Products ordered, Avas Flowers will place the order on hold and notify the Customer of the substitution. While uncommon, it is unfortunately possible for some products to become damaged in transit or during the course of delivery. In the event of any Non-Conforming Products or Damaged Products, the Customer will be offered (i) a re-delivery when the product ordered becomes available; (ii) a re-delivery of a product of equal or greater value; (iii) a credit for towards the purchase of Products; or (iv) a full refund, at the Customer’s option. If Non-Conforming Products or Damaged Products have already been delivered and the Customer requests a full refund rather than a re-delivery attempt or a credit, the Customer will be entitled to a full refund upon return of the Non-Conforming Products or Damaged Products within two (2) business days by way of a prepaid return.